This section is dedicated to the section of Pick-Up Theory known as Club Game, referring to bars, pubs, and dance clubs in particular.


Confidence Opener

Sometimes what's simple is what's best for you. Simply walking up with confidence and saying "Hey, How's it going?" with an extended hand is enough to break the ice. It's good to have something to follow this up to avoid the possible awkward silence. Another version of this would be to walk up and simply state "Hey, my name is _", but some argue that this is showing too much interest off the get-go, setting you at a lower value than her.

Physical Openers

  • Watch it!: When you "accidentally" bump into a girl, or vice versa, look at her sternly and say "Watch it, Punk!" in a serious tone. Wait a few seconds for it to sink in, and break the tension by laughing and butt bumping her or teasing her in some way. Feel free to follow it up by jokingly asking if she wants to take it outside.


Midgame is the part of a set where you've broken the ice, but you still need to build more attraction and rapport before closing.

The Interview

Not to be confused with "Interview mode", this is when you use your hand or a prop (e.g. a straw from your drink) as a mic and you interview the target and maybe her friends. There are many potential frames you can use when interviewing, such as being a third-party observer of the interaction that just went down between you. Typically, you want to describe yourself using a cocky-funny language, and her as some dorky girl who's lucky to be speaking to you.

  • Example: Welcome back, we're just here with Kelly to see just how she feels after meeting such a funny, smart guy. Kelly? hold the mic up for her to speak

You can take this as far as you feel necessary, or make it a recurring theme anytime something significant happens. This plays on the fact that women love to role-play.

Interview Mode - On The Receiving End

Sometimes you'll find the girl is interviewing you. This could be seen as a good thing, but generally it's not building any sexual frames and it's a rather dry, boring encounter. To get her to stop, you could simply point out that you feel like you're being interviewed. A more clever, fun way to do it would be to do a situation like this:

  • You: What paper do you work for?
  • Her: What do you mean?
  • You: Oh, I just assumed you worked for a newspaper because you were interviewing me!

Then redirect the conversation to something more interesting.




Clopeners are a Opener-Closer, two-in-one deal. It is typically extremely short, to the point, and will require you have your inner game down to a significant degree.

The Apocalypse

As discovered by Ciarian, the Apocalypse requires only 3 actual lines to be said by the PUA in question. It goes as follows:

  1. Hey, how are you?
  2. What are you doing later?
  3. Cool, Want to go home with me?

The key to this Clopener is to hold strong and confidently after dropping the third line. It also requires the girl to be isolated, at least in respect to earshot. For more details, go here.