First Night on the Scene

I'm brand new to the PUA community. Aside from reading The Game and getting some advice from a friend, I haven't had much practice or instruction. Last night was my first night out.

A little background: I just turned 21 about 2 weeks ago. I'm about a 6, but I could easily look better if I lost 15-25 pounds. I'm staying with my parents in Austin for a few weeks while I'm doing some very short term teaching jobs. I'll soon be back at my apartment 100 miles away.

My original plan wasn't to go out sarging last night. I got a call from a friend who I've had a thing for since I was 17. I wanted to work her. I've been in the friend zone for 4 years, and I wanted to get out of it. Her roommate ended up being home, so I cooked dinner and made drinks for the three of us. I manipulated the conversation towards sex and then cubed both of them. Right before I started revealing what everything meant, my friend got a call. Evidently they had already made plans to go out. Since there is no reward without risk, I told them that I'd leave so they could get ready. They both told me to go wait on the couch, and that I was coming with them.
We made it downtown, they met up with some of their friends and introduced me. Two bitchy girls and a behemoth of a frat guy (FG). FG bought us a round and we left. While we were walking to our next venue, FG told us that his frat had paid a club manager to only let guys rushing their frat or in their frat into the club that night. Any girls could come in, but every guy had to be on the list. FG got me in, and within 2 minutes, both of the girls in our group were off having drinks bought for them and I was left alone. I decided not to waste the opportunity to practice sarging.
First thing was first, I didn't want to pay for anything.

Since none of the other FGs knew who I was, everyone assumed I was rushing the frat. I decided to run with it. When a certain song came on, they told all the rushees that they had to go dance on the stage. They said that the one that impressed them the most would get the first bid of the semester. Seeing as how I didn't give a flying fuck, I stayed next to the bar, sipping my water with lime. One of the FGs came up to me and started up a conversation.

FG: You're a rushee, you should be up on that stage.
Me: The only way anyone is going to get noticed up on that stage is by being the biggest idiot. I have no interest in being that guy. Besides, I'm standing out to you more right now by not prancing around like a drunken fool. You have plenty of time to haze me while I'm pledging. For now, I'll keep my dignity as long as I can.
FG: You're a smartass. I like it. I'm "name" (I don't remember)
Me: Dan (Not my real name)
He turned to the bartender and told him to put me on the frat's tab. I was set for the night.

After sipping on some liquid courage for a few minutes, I decided to approach a 2 set. I gave an opener along the lines of "I need some help. I have a friend who's only been dating a girl for a few months and he's already bought a ring. How can I convince him that he's making a mistake?" We chatted for a little while, and she eventually left with a friend. So I lost, but there were plenty of other girls around. I looked around the bar for the girls I came in with, but they were completely gone. I didn't see them again for the rest of the night.

I grabbed a fresh drink and sat down on a bench in another room. There were 2 girls dancing incredibly sluttily a few feet away. Their eyes kept darting around the room, looking to see if anyone was giving them attention. A few guys were, and they pulled one of the girls away to dance. Her friend, an 8 (Short, brunette, very slender, cute face) sat down and I scooted next to her.

Me: I'll bet it doesn't feel good to be outshone by your friend. Did she really just get taken away by 3 guys?
Her: Yeah, I'm a little bummed. You should buy me a drink to make me feel better.
Me: I don't buy drinks for girls. I'll need to be really impressed.
Her: I'm sure I can do that. I'm a stripper, how about a dance?
Me: It'll have to be good. You'll need to make me feel like I'm not just another client.
The next 15 minutes were magical. She went to town. Every few minutes she'd work her way up to my ear and say, "how's that?" I'd respond by telling her I really didn't feel special, and she'd have to do better than that. She kept dancing, she tried harder. She started giving me a rub down through my jeans. I kept just sitting there. There were about 10 guys watching. Her friend came back and told her not to have all the fun. They both started dancing on me. Jaws were dropping. I smirked. They eventually left, they got tired and frustrated with the lack of attention.

I got several high fives and one of the guys told me that I had a bid into their frat. I laughed and went home.

I don't even go to school there.