There are common myths about the seduction community, these are just some of the following:

  • (M)PUAs can seduce any women they want.
  • (M)PUAs never get rejected
  • (M)PUAs can steal another person's girlfriend
  • Every guru is legitimate
  • Every testimonial is legitimate
  • Guaranteed laid marketing
  • You need to peacock to get women
  • You always need to neg a woman
  • Never give her a compliment
  • You can only meet women in bars and clubs
  • There is a single method in "picking-up" women
  • There is a linear/algorithmic approach
  • 'HB 10' = great personality
  • You should always look for the IOI's all the time
  • All women have bitch shields, give out shit tests
  • You should be Alpha—all the time
  • You need to have a wingman
  • Always be indirect
  • All women are the same
  • "X said so in this book, so it should always work!"
  • If the technique doesn't work, it's the student's fault

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