A specific technique for starting a conversation with a group.


Functional Openers:

  • "Do you have the time?" Low risk, but difficult to transition into a conversation. Once she says the time, you basically have to use another opener to begin a conversation anyways.

Opinion openers:

  • "My friend just ended a LTR with this girl last week, do you think it's too early for him to start dating again? [blah blah blah] well you see here's the thing, his girlfriend is a flight attendant and one of her friends told him that she was cheating on him with some guy in LA, but he really doesn't know for sure, she could have just made it up…." [blah blah blah — you're in, proceed to A2] These are fairly low risk, but they also give you some pretty decent transitional stuff to work with.. certainly much more than the functional openers.

Situational openers:

  • "That is an interesting hat.. did you get it in Spain?" Everyone. Fucking. Uses these. So girls hear them all the time, and so it's really difficult to convey higher value when using them. Very easy to transition with it, because material to continue the conversation is happening literally right around you.. but again, not too unique.

No opener:

  • "OMG you look just like this Italian girl I used to date.", or "Hi". A little bit risky because you really don't introduce an excuse to be talking to them, you just kinda walk right in. It can offer high rewards because it really does get you right in there — but it involves much more risk.

Screening openers:

  • "Are you friendly?" Super high risk, because you are really jumping ahead in the game — but it can also move you along much quicker, making it a very high reward opener.

Direct openers

  • "I think you're cute." Highest risk, but highest reward too. You could destroy a set with this that you otherwise may have gamed, but you could also really really get results fast.