Shit Test


A shit test is what a girl throws your way to see how you handle it. Fail and you're no longer really an option for them, pass and it improves your status. I'm not sure how they differ from congruency tests, but a congruency test is to see if you walk the walk as well as talk the talk. To put it another way, you go in with outter game, they throw it in your face to see if you can handle it (i.e. your behaviour is consistent with what you think). E.g. you go in acting cocky and funny, they call you stupid and ugly. If you act all hurt and defensive, that would be incongruent with your previous behaviour, revealing you to be a sham.

Methods to Pass the Shit Test

  1. Answer straightforwardly but be visibly emotionally unaffected by what they are are trying to do. Show complete indifference. "You're a jerk!" - Her "…Yeah" - You
  2. To not answer it at all as if what they said was too far away from your reality to process. It makes such little sense to you that you don't answer it.
  3. Don't respond and assert a new topic of conversation. #Answer the question you wish was asked.
  4. To answer in a the way they want, but make them wait. "I'll do it in a bit"
  5. To answer in a way they want, but to do something slightly different then normal. Eg, If they ask you to walk over, do it in a funny way… like walking backwards, do a turn, etc.
  6. To joking call them out for trying to step up. "Yo! You trying to step up!? Whats up!?" or "Whoa whoa whoa! Uh oh! You steppin' up!?"
  7. To joke that whatever they said is playing up to an earlier observation you made about them, like they are playing into the reality that you set. "Wow! You ARE a troublemaker!"
  8. Joke that they are too powerful for you and that they win. "Whoa! Wow! You got me, you win… just too powerful for me to deal with."
  9. Answer with something equally random and absurd as they role they are putting you in.
  10. Answer cryptically.
  11. To do something they want, but to make them do something first. "Make your best animal noise" to jokingly imitate them.
  12. Give them a weird look.
  13. Ignore them entirely.
  14. To playfully misinterpret what they said, jokingly suggest that…